Kanawha Valley Veterinary Emergency Hospital

Charleston WV Veterinary Emergency Hospital

Serving the urgent after-hours needs of companion animals in West Virginia’s Kanawha Valley and beyond.


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After Hours

Emergency Care

Expert Help When Your Vet is Unavailable.

KVVEH is not intended to substitute for your regular veterinarian, but to instead serve as an independent extension for your pet’s emergency care on nights, weekends, and holidays when your primary care veterinarian is closed.

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MONDAY – FRIDAY: 6pm – 7:30am
WEEKENDS: Open 24 hours SATURDAY and SUNDAY through 7:30am MONDAY

Call or check our google business page for up to date holiday hours

What we do

Common Emergencies in Dogs & Cats


Prescription and over the counter drugs, chocolate, glues and adhesives, antifreeze, certain houseplants, and sugar-free chewing gum are just a few of the household items that can be dangerous for your pet to ingest. Did you know that plants in the Lily family can be fatal to cats?

Vomiting and Diarrhea

If your dog or cat is not eating and/or not able to hold down food or water, he/she may need to be examined. Viruses, bacterial infections, parasites, pancreatitis, and intestinal obstructions from bones or non-food items are some of the numerous causes of stomach and intestinal upset that can cause your pet to be uncomfortable, become dehydrated, and need medical attention.


Motor vehicle accidents, falls, being stepped on or dropped, cuts, gunshot wounds, and other types of bodily harm could result in serious and/or life-threatening injuries. An examination by a veterinarian can help determine the best course of treatment for your pet’s injuries.

Bite Wounds

Bite wounds are often deeper and more extensive than they appear on the surface. Many bite wounds are at a high risk for infection and some may need to be addressed surgically. When in doubt, have them checked out!

"Not Acting Right"

A subtle change in behavior or habit may be the first clue that your pet is feeling ill. If you are unsure whether your pet should be examined by a veterinarian, don’t hesitate to call us at (304) 768-2911 for guidance.

There are many types of veterinary emergencies.

If you are concerned about your pet, bring him or her in for one of our experienced veterinarians to evaluate.

Please call our office at (304) 768-2911 if you are uncertain about whether your pet needs to be seen.

Updated March 23, 2024


On March 28, 2024, KVVEH will be upgrading to a new software system. While many months of planning and preparation have been undertaken in order to make the transition as smooth as possible, we appreciate your grace with us over the next few weeks as we fine tune our processes with the new system. 

Since the expansion in pet ownership which occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the shutdown and/or reduced staffing of several veterinary emergency facilities which served our surrounding areas, the KVVEH caseload has grown too heavy to be able to keep up using our current software. While there may be some minor growing pains in the short term, we know that this move to a newer, more efficient, and more automated system will help us help your animals more quickly and help us get you back home faster. Thank you for your patience with our entire team during the coming weeks as we get used to this very big and much-needed change.

Thank you,

Dr. Stacey Chase, DVM and Dr. Maclyn McCall, DVM


Vets & Support Staff

Our Team

Stacey Chase, DVM


Maclyn McCall, DVM

RECOVER CPR Certified Rescuer

Laura Slack, DVM


Anne Peterson, DVM


Meredith Dean, DVM


Elizabeth Tackett, DVM


Nicole Blankenship, DVM


Registered Veterinary Technicians

  • Miranda M., RVT, Lead Technician
  • Amanda M., RVT
  • Jennifer J., RVT
  • Jessica L., RVT
  • Rachel G., RVT

AAS in Veterinary Technology:
Angela, Brittany, Hali, Sarah

Veterinary Assistants:
Alex, Arah, Bree, Daniele, Gracie, Haley, McKinzie, Paige E., Paige H., Stephanie, Taylor

Hospital Assistants:
Cassidy, Jaylin, Lindsay

Client Service Representatives:
Billie, Cathy, Eva, Jessica, Karin, Shawn, Tajonna, and Tara

Office Manger: Jessie C.
Hospital Manager: Tonya G.

What To Expect

Fees & Policies

No Appointment Necessary

Kanawha Valley Veterinary Emergency Hospital is open on nights, weekends, and during most major holidays.

Whether it be a torn toe nail, a life threatening toxicity, or anything in between, our emergency/trauma unit is staffed with experienced technicians and veterinarians ready to help.

No appointment necessary! We operate on a walk-in only basis, but please try to call ahead if you can, so that we can prepare for your pet’s arrival.

Our doctors and staff work hard to minimize wait times and to ensure that your pet is evaluated by our staff in a timely manner.


Our Exam and Emergency fee is $100 before midnight and $150 between midnight and 8am.

Any tests, medications, or treatments are additional. Our doctors will be glad to provide an estimate for any treatments or procedures that are recommended.

All payment is due at the time of service.

If your pet is hospitalized, a deposit will be taken at the time of admission. The balance will be due at the time of discharge.


  • Cash
  • Personal Check with proper photo ID
  • All major credit cards with proper photo ID
  • Care Credit
  • ScratchPay

We are unable to accept: post-dated checks, starter checks, and checks or credit cards without a valid picture identification.


Our new entrance is all the way to the right (east) side of the building, near parking spot 22.  We’ll have some paperwork for you to fill out so we can get some basic information about you and your pet. If you are arriving after midnight, our waiting area may be closed. Call the posted phone number and we will come out to your vehicle.

See our COVID-19 Response for how arrivals have changed.


KVVEH is an urgent care, an emergency room, and an ICU in one.  All pets will be triaged initially and treated in the order of the urgency of their illnesses; pets that are found to be stable will be tended to in the order of their arrival.


Our Veterinarian(s) will examine your pet and determine the best course of treatment.  We will provide an estimate for any tests, treatments, or hospitalization that is recommended.


Kanawha Valley Veterinary Emergency Hospital
5304 MacCorkle Ave SW
South Charleston, WV 25309
(304) 768-2911​


MONDAY – FRIDAY: 6pm – 7:30am
WEEKENDS: Open 24 hours SATURDAY and SUNDAY through 7:30am MONDAY

KVVEH is open on all major holidays. Call for hours.